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We provide attentive and quality care for individuals with developmental disabilities.

How We Started

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While staying in Africa, we have witnessed the lack of support for individuals with developmental disabilities. They have no access to quality treatments due to an inadequate healthcare system paired with the stigma against mental illness. Even if there are treatments available, the constraints lie with their limited financial capacity. These factors make it tough for families to provide their loved ones with quality treatments and effective interventions for their condition. Attending to the needs of their loved ones with a developmental disability always comes with physical and financial challenges.

On the other hand, we noticed that even in the United States, where the healthcare system is better, individuals with developmental disabilities (IDDs) aren’t safe from facing the same struggles. As healthcare workers, we are very aware of the reality families face while facilitating their loved one’s needs.

Meanwhile, in our circle of friends and families, we have a handful of loved ones with some type of developmental disability like Autism Spectrum Disorder.

With our combined experiences, we have decided to establish A&M Care LLC in order to provide quality care to individuals with disabilities and alleviate their families’ physical and emotional challenges.

Our Mission

Our mission here at A&M Care LLC is to support the individuals in our care to attain the highest level of functioning for their independence in the long run. Individuals with developmental disabilities require a nurturing environment, and we strive to provide that as best as we can.

Core Values & Goals

  • Integrity:

    We will ensure honesty and fairness. We will do the right thing and be trustworthy.

  • Value People:

    We will treat everyone with respect and dignity.

  • Trust:

    We will keep our promises to take care of your loved ones.

  • Serve:

    We will be responsible for providing quality care and solutions.

We guarantee uncompromised care from our dedicated staff members. See our services here.